SPEC 45154

Multi-Conductor CU 600V PVC TFFN PVC Shielded Control Cable #16 and #18

Type TC-ER, PLTC, FPL, and NFPL Control Cable 600 Volt Copper Conductors, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) with nylon layer Insulation TFFN Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Jacket, Shielded Control Cable Conductor Identification Method 1 Table 2



  1. Conductor:7 strands class B compressed bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8
  2. Insulation:Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) with nylon layer TFFN, 19 Mils thick for 18 and 16
  3. Drain Wire:Tinned copper
  4. Shielding:100% coverage aluminum foil
  5. Jacket:Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Jacket

Applications and Features:

Southwire’s Type TC-ER, PLTC, FPL, and NFPL Control Cable are suited for use in dry areas, troughs, trays, and where superior electrical properties are desired. These cables are capable of operating continuously at the conductor temperature not in excess of 90°C in dry locations, 105°C for emergency overload, and 250°C For uses in Class I, II, and III per NEC Article 725 and 760. Constructions with 3 or more conductors are listed for exposed runs (TC-ER) per NEC 336.10. Oil and sunlight resistant


  • ASTM B3 Standard Specification for Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • ASTM B8 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors
  • UL 13 Standard for Power-Limited Circuit Cables
  • UL 83 Thermoplastic Insulated Wires and Cables
  • UL 1277 TC-ER
  • UL 1685 FT4 Vertical-Tray Fire Propagation and Smoke Release Test
  • ICEA S-73-532 Standard for Control, Thermocouple Extension and Instrumentation Cables
  • ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC70) Power Cables Rated 2000 Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy
  • IEEE 1202 FT4 Flame Test (70,000) BTU/hr Vertical Tray Test
  • EPA 40 CFR, Part 26, Subpart C heavy metals per Table 1, TCLP method
  • Sample Print Legend:

    Southwire XXAWG XX/C PVC/Nylon SHLD TFFN Type TC-ER E79496 (UL) 600V 90°C Dry Oil Res I PLTC NPLF Sun Res- Sequential mark
    Table 1 – Physical and Electrical Data
    Stock NumberCond. SizeCond. NumberDiameter Over Cond.Insul. ThicknessJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightDC ResistanceAC Resistance @ 90°CMin Bending RadiusAllowable Ampacity At 60°C *Allowable Ampacity 75°C *Allowable Ampacity 90°C *
    18 AWG
    16 AWG
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item
    † Ampacities are based on Table 310.15 (B)(16) of the NEC, 2017 Edition. Ampacities of insulated conductors rated up to and including 2000 Volts, based on ambient temperature of 30°C (86°F)

    Revision: 3.0.00M